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Denver's Own Kid Astronaut, and His 2021 Album, "Cosmos"

Not all astronauts go to space.

Jon Shockness, better known as Kid Astronaut, is coming into the game with force... and a lot of talent. The young artist and innovator has been in the game for quite a while, releasing his first collaboration with The Andy Craig Show, "Webs," back in 2015. While his sound has developed since then, he is also becoming more true to his brand.

Designating himself as an alien from the future, Kid Astronaut's narrative follows that he is learning to assimilate to the reality of the human condition and tell stories of his trials and tribulations along the way.

In his 2021 album, "Cosmos," Kid Astronaut brings to the world an intimate look into his mind. Incorporating his soulful voice into upbeat R&B rhythms, Kid Astronaut sheds light on his love interests, his dreams, and his fears. In his sentimental track, "Love You Like God Does," he prays that he can be faithful and loyal to his lover just as God is to him. In "Always," he sings about all the things he dreams of doing with his lover, repeating, "I'll take care of you always, I'll take care of you always, drip you in the finer things, you ain't even gotta ask, baby." And, in his final track, "Cosmos," he prays that he can stay true to himself and faithful to God when he goes back home, into a galaxy far, far away.

But until then, the world gets to indulge in his music and watch him grow. In 2019, after performing his popular track "Within & Without" at a TedxBoulder event, Shockness proclaimed: "In thinking of the theme for “Within & Without,” I chose songs that to me reflected the vastness of space, the never-ending search for personal and spiritual revelation, and touched on how my journey as Kid Astronaut continues through time and dimensions."

Go stream "Cosmos," out on all platforms!

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