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Mr. Mota's On A Mission

The Boulder-based quintet, Mr. Mota, is coming to Denver with force.

Left to right: Max Lerman, Will Rosenthal, Brendan Lamb, Willie Vogel, and Ari Lerman

Willie Vogel and the Lerman brothers were playing music together for nearly five years before meeting Will Rosenthal and Brendan Lamb, who would soon become the indie-funk group, Mr. Mota. Some could say that their collaboration was serendipitous. In the spring of 2021, Rosenthal and Lamb booked their first show at a Boulder grad party. However, they couldn't do it alone, so they reached out to an acquainted musician, Ari Lerman. Joining forces, Mr. Mota made their debut as a five-piece band: Rosenthal (vocals/guitar), Lamb (drums), Max (keyboard/vocals) and Ari (bass) Lerman, and Vogel (rhythm guitar). Although they had no experience playing together before, their energy on stage was so infectious that they became an immediate sensation within the college audience.

Mr. Mota, who has earned their reputation as a Boulder novelty, is ready to impact Denver significantly. As an indie-funk group, they bring what is in large part a refreshing sound to Denver's ubiquitous folk and blues culture. Furthermore, Mr. Mota's uniqueness comes from their inseparable bond manifested in their improvisation on stage. According to Carter Ferryman's report for Boulder Weekly, Ari Lerman confidently states:

There’s not one guy that makes most of the creative decisions either. We all really, really respect each other’s work—what we do on our instruments. It’s that sort of respect that allows us to explore our sonic landscape. - Ari Lerman

With their talent, ambition, and character, Mr. Mota plans to exceed Denver's expectations to become the next international sensation.

Stay tuned, as Mr. Mota is set to release their debut single, "Smoke Too Much," on November 23 and play at Bluebird Theater on December 4th of this year.

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