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Telescreens Release New Music Video, "Before the Morning's Over"

The NYC-based band Telescreens has released their first music video for "Before the Morning's Over," the ninth track featured on The Return with a foggy drone that evokes melancholic nostalgia. Directed by Julian Lamadrid, this video brings Telescreens to life, introducing the world to lead guitarist and vocalist, Jackson Hamm.

This year, Telescreens plans to release a new album, a series of diverse singles, and a plethora of music videos. But the fun doesn't end there... they will continue to play live around NYC, making their mark at the famous Mercury Lounge. Stay tuned for their exciting journey to the stars!

C'mon, just stream The Return on Spotify. What are you doing? You can't be that busy.

And... last but not least, give 'em a follow on Instagram: Telescreens


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